This page is for any links that I find interesting and I highly suggest you look at them.

This is a site for one of my friends, Connor Smith, he writes interesting articles and my favourite is listed below:
Condition Handling for Non-Lispers

This is another friend's site, Reshad Patuck. He's highly interested in Computer Security:
Reshad Patuck's Personal Site

Kenneth Rundt develops an amazing piece of software called SynthFont which plays MIDI files using sound banks in various formats.
I am fortunate enough to be able to test his latest version of SynthFont and help him iron out any bugs I can see.
SynthFont et al.

The Ocarina Network is an ocarina forum for enthusiasts and since joining I have been made an administrator and now co-run the forum.
A great resource for all ocarinists and those who want to take up the instrument.
It's probably the biggest resource and forum for ocarinas in the western world.
I'm "Elven Spellmaker" on the website, so if you want to join then feel free to send me a PM.
The Ocarina Network

hcs's stie is a great resource for those who want audio from games.
Generally the people who participate on the forum or who write the plug-ins want the audio to be in its original state as it was when it was ripped from the game,
which allows for lots of things not possible with conventional formats such as looping.
Halley's Comet Software

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